Paramount Web Solutions FAQs

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing refers to all activities that a company or a person carries out to promote their business, their business products or business services on the internet. The internet is one medium that works well for brand building and advertising of your products or services.

How Can Paramount Web Solutions Help Me With internet Marketing?

At Paramount Web Solutions, we make small and startup companies aware of the power and the potential that lies in using the internet to make people aware of their product or service offers.

The process starts with a good website that can easily position itself in the face of potential customers on search engines like Google. That is the crucial starting point!

We start by building a search engine optmized and mobile friendly website. Then, depending on our mutual terms, proceed to built up off-page links to your company site, helping in strengthening the site against competitor sites.

We then promote your brand and services on social media channels.

The last two undertakings are done best on ongoing basis for the best long-term results.

How Do You Charge Your Services?

The cost of our services to you depends largely on the amount of work you want us to do. The starting price for a basic one-page business site is R2 500. Any website we do comes with a free on-page search engine optimization.

Off-page search engine optimization is a premium service that is charged separate. At Paramount Web Solutions we prefer doing off-page optimization on on-going basis, for at least six months. The starting price is R3 000 a month paid monthly.

Another premium service is social media management and promotion. This involves building business accounts for your business and managing them. This is an on-going undertaking. We starting price is R1 000 a month paid monthly.

Social media advertising involves creating and broadcasting advertising campaigns on social channels. For the best results, this should also be a continual process. Our Starting price is R5 000 a month paid every month.

Do You Offer Discounts for Multiple Orders?

If you order more than one service we will be happy to negotiate a discount with you. As already mentioned above, Any long-term order comes with a free website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization refers all activities done on a website and/or done for a website so that the website becomes favourable in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing. Search engines place a website with good optimization on the first page of their search results so that people searching for specific, relevant information see that website before other websites.

What Are The Perks Associated With Long-term Service Orders?

When you order a website and an additional long-term service like off-page search engine optimization, we will do the website free of charge.

Can I Use Your Service Before Payment?

We have a limited period one-month free trial running at the moment. Our intention is to let it run from January 2020 up to end of June 2020. Please note that the free trial campaign applies only to services of six months or more.

However, we reserve the right to stop or limit the free trial campaign period at any time. When we stop it, we will state so in this FAQs section.

So, yes, you can use our services before making payment for them.

What Kind of Clients Do You Work With?

We focus on building long-term relationships with small to meduim, stable companies. We are also open to work with individual people who seek to promote their services. We are especially well-set to work with businesses in these sections:

  • Home improvement services
  • Solar panel installation
  • Medical services
  • Law services
  • Auto repair services

What is the Best Way To Reach You?

The best way to get in contact with us is by calling us. However, you can reach us through other contact means as listed below:

  • Voice calls: 079 502 8541 or 081 493 5505
  • WhatsApp Business: 079 502 8541
  • Email: talktous@solutionsweb.co.za
  • Messenger: 079 502 8541 or 081 493 5505

Our contact person is Jim.

What are Your Operating Hours?

We are available for voice calls from Monday to Friday afternoon. We are closed on Saturday. On Sundays and public holidays we are only available by appointment.

What are Your Service Areas?

Internet marketing is an online undertaking. In other words, we are not really area bound in our services rendering. However, at the moment we are still concentrating on Gauteng area. You are still welcome to contact us from any other areas in South Africa.

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