Back at the Travel Agency where I used to work, when I was on leave, a colleague would check my emails and attend to anything new that come in. My salary would be deposited into my account by the accountant and I would have three weeks of not having to think about work.

I miss my old job. The year would wind down, and I would go off on 3 weeks paid leave. Now that I am self employed, my year is winding down and I am will be takling a break except that I will be checking my email alt least three times a day and if any new work comes in, I will attend to it.

I have been reflecting over the things that I have learnt over the past year;
• Free Oppurtunities exist
Net Profit
Pitch & Polish
The Business Bridge
Hub Space
• Help exists
The Business Place
Small Enterprise Development Agency
• My Accounting sucks!
• Cold Calling is not dead

This is just a small part of it – but I am determined that in 2013, things will be even better!

Sharing knowledge is how we grow!