DiplomaOn Saturday I attended the Graduation for the Managing Money course I did at the Business Bridge. Professor Rajesh Chandy from the London Business School, who are one of the sponsors, was one of the guest speakers. He told us how when he came to Cape Town to organise the course, the experts were very negative about Entrepreneurs in Cape Town.

On Saturday, the candidates that did the course filled a large conference room at the Ritz  Hotel in Sea Point. All types of small business was represented from the humble house shop keeper to Church pastors.  Every person there had taken the time to go every week for a morning or afternoon including Saturdays for 8 weeks. We all went knowing nothing about accounts, because we wanted to improve our business.

Judging from the surveys that were done with the students, all are keen to expand their business and employ staff and I discovered that i am not the only who works 7 days a week for up to 12 hours. There were people with differing levels of education but none that you could call stupid or lazy.

So to all of you out there who believes that South Africans are lazy and useless- me thinks you should be eating humble pie.

Sharing knowledge is how we grow!