In my last post, I talked about free. Today, however, I need to address why you need to pay for services and products.

We all need money to live. I sell my services and earn a living from that. So, whilst I am prepared to give away a template that I have created or an eBook I have written, I sell the bulk of my work.

I Create and Manage Web Sites. There are several Web Sites that allow you to create your Web Site for free, so why would you use my services?

There are definite benefits to using a specialist when creating your Web Site. I provide my customers with;

  • a 24 hour, 7 day a week help line
  • Web Sites are monitored to ensure that they do not go down
  • Web Sites are hosted offshore through HostGator, one of the top US hosting companies
  • Web Sites are created using WordPress, the best Content Management Software available
  • All Web Sites created are optimised for search
  • 11 Years experience

I will create any type of Web Site, from an interactive Wiki to a eCommerce Web Site that includes shopping cart and a secure payment gateway. And of course I free you up to get on with your work!



Sharing knowledge is how we grow!