Everything … and the kitchen sink!

The picture on the left is a mobile telephone, In fact. this is the LG P970, an Android smart phone. I have one and can tell you that it is the best thing since sliced bread. OK so maybe I exaggerated in my description – there is no kitchen sink. But, nevertheless it is very versatile. I can send and receive email on every account I have (I open a Webmaster email account as well as a Google email account for every project and Web Site that I manage.)

I use the phone to find out information when I am out of the office, I use it to send text messages and I even use it to make phone calls!

Because phones can connect to the Internet using both WIFI and 3G – they replace the personal computer for many. This places a burden on Web Site Designers – Web Sites that are designed to open on a big screen monitor may not scale well on the small screen of a phone. So either we design sites to be very plain with no photos or we need to create a second site for mobile phones and small screen tablets.

Depending on the size of the Web Site, you may use a Responsive that will scale scale down to adapt to the size of the screen, One of my Projects – Social Review, is done using responsive design, open in using your PC and your phone to see it in action.

But when you get a large site such as News24 you will need to reduce the size, so you need to build a separate mobile site.  If you visit the mobile site you will see a very distinct difference.

At Solutions Web, I will always make sure that my client’s Web Site open in mobile by using either Responsive design or a separate Mobi site, depending on the size of he project. So yes – I did shrink the Internet!




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