Money, Cash, Moola, Greenbucks, – what ever you call it, money is what pays for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, a place to live and everything that makes life worth living. Most of us will get money by working and getting paid. But in order to earn money, we have spend money on clothes suitable for the job we have, we pay for transport to get to and from work. In other word to earn money, we have spend some money.


The same applies to Business, in order to market your business, you need to advertise. There are various ways of advertising online, both free and paid. Of course, you need to place your adverts where they can be seen by your potential customers.


One thing that anyone active on the Internet, will do is do a search. They will most probably do this once a day, but most often, more. Which should lead you to a very simple conclusion, the best place to place your advertisement is on the same page as their search query.


Google are aware of this and offer you the opportunity to advertise as part of the search results. By bidding on certain keywords and deciding how much you want to spend, your advert can be served up as part of the search results.


Of course it is not that simple. The object is to get your ad on the first page of a search query for the product or service you are promoting and to get a s high up the page as possible. To do this you will quote on keywords relevant to your product or service. The more competitive the industry, the more expensive the keywords will be.


There are many Blogs and Tutorials devoting to helping you succeed but possibly the best place to start the Adsense Blog You may want to start off with a test Campaign to test the water and the best way to do this is ask Solutions Web to help you set up your campaig (and well even throe in a Discount Coupon for R600 – T&C’s apply)


What are you waiting for – lets make some money.

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