Twitter is described as Micro blogging service that allows you to send and read140 character messages. Like all Social Networks today, you are able to get Twitter on your phone, tablet as well as desktop

Originally, Twitter was meant as a way of letting people know what you were doing but it soon become obvious as a way to get information out quickly. In fact Twitter can be useful to companies in a variety of ways.

You can send a message directly to someone by using their Twitter user name – if you wanted to send me a message you would address it @mcvtoo. You could also use a hash tag which would allow it to be picked up by anyone searching for that hash tag or anyone monitoring it.

So you can message someone or by monitoring certain words you ca react to request or sort out a problem.

A Deli can get out its daily specials to their regular customers by sending out a Tweet to people following them. In the same fashion, an Airline can warn of flight delays.

I follow a variety of Twitter Users, some are from the same industry and share their experiences, others I follow because they amuse me. Some are just friends.

No matter how you use Twitter or who you may follow, there is no doubt that twitter is a very powerful tool that you need in your social media tool box.

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