and how are you going to fill them? All products and services, no matter how niche, serve a need in the market. If there is no need to fill or problem to solve, there is no point in that product or service existing. Having found out who your market is and where they can be… Read More

When you start your own business, you need somewhere to work from. Often, you choose to work from home because it represents a huge cost saving. There are many advantages to working from home; you can sleep in you do not have to dress up you can pop into the kitchen whenever you are hungry… Read More

Branding Mistakes will cost you money Branding Your Brand is more than just a Logo. It is how you and your customers perceive your Business. Different elements come together to form your Brand. Not everything about your Brand is visual, like a Logo or your Business colours. The manner in which you answer your phone,… Read More

Again, it comes down to what is your product or service. Remember the nappies – whatever spare time new mothers have, that is not spent sleeping, will be spent catching up online. They will use a phone or a tablet to stay in touch and discover what is new. You will find them on Parenting… Read More

Your product or service is the first clue of who your market is. Take nappies, for example – mothers with babies need them, mothers with teenagers don’t.   Like most things, nappies do not come in a “one size fits all’ option – you get different sizes, different qualities. There are reusable cloth nappies and… Read More

I grew up in a time when we did not have supermarkets, when franchises and chains stores were rare. I remember my parents would support certain stores that were owner managed. These shopkeepers became our friends. It was common to chat whilst waiting for our order to be filled. It was understood that we supported… Read More


Picture this; You get a call from your Aunt in Aurora, panicking because her dad left his violin behind when he left to return to the old age home in Zastron. Oupa loves that violin and she does not know how to get it to him. These are both small towns in South Africa and… Read More

Branding is the most misunderstood concept in Business. A Logo, because it is visual, is often assumed to be the brand. It is an important part of the brand but there is more to it. Look at Virgin, the first thing you see is the colour red. Next look at the various companies within the… Read More

What is it that you do?   Small Business is about being able to fill a need or sort out a problem. If my kitchen is flooded, I need a plumber, if my house burns down, I claim against my insurance and then I will need a builder. Three totally different business that I need… Read More